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Puzzles for kids

Puzzles especially maths puzzles are interesting activities for kids to engage themselves creatively. It stimulates their brain to think different possibilities and often brings creative solutions from them. A well designed puzzle also brings the curiosity in kids to pursue the knowledge related with puzzle concept.

We at Miyav learning try our best to engage children in a fun ways yet learn something from the activities. This book, puzzles for kids consist of eight carefully selected maths puzzles and six science puzzles from our learning materials. These puzzles are suitable for kids of age above ten, though most of the puzzles will be challenging for kids of even age 15. Maths puzzles are designed to bring curiosity of the kids in concepts in algebra, geometry and logical thinking. Science puzzles will puzzle them to understand the concepts they learned in schools. Answers for the puzzles are given in separate sheets.

For children of age 5 to 9, Miyav Learning provides free puzzles games. You can download the free version of the puzzle games. These puzzles games consists games for logical thinking, memory skills and coloring games. Our puzzles games are designed to sharpen their logical thinking, problem solving skill and designing skills.

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