Miyav team encompasses scientists and engineers with passion for innovation in learning methods. The promoters Manikandan S T  and Rajesh Kumar Singh are graduates of Indian Institute of Technology and worked as scientists in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.  With collective experience of fifteen years in research, they bring the vision and skills to execute this venture to impart a holistic education to children in India.

Panel of experts

S Anand

S Anand is working as scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre after graduating from Anna University, Chennai in 1998.  He is carrying out research studies on radiation safety and aerosol physics. His field of interest includes theoretical physics, astronomy and numerical methods.

Dr. Suchismita Mishra

Dr (Smt.) Suchismita Mishra had joined Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in 1998 after graduating from Utkal University, Orissa. She has awarded the PhD. Degree from Mumbai University in field of organic chemistry. Her fields of research include characterization of heavy metals, radionuclides in environmental and biological matrices, speciation analysis in uranium mill tailings, risk assessment and use of sorbents for contaminant removal.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Rajesh Kumar Singh had completed his M.Tech and Ph.D degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay. He had experience in structural engineering companies L & T and Uhde India. He has various design experience in RCC design , structural analysis and numerical methods.

M D Mukesh

M.D. Mukesh, after graduating in Civil Engineering and Risk Assessment& Management, is currently working as Geotechnical engineer in the Canadian Oil sands Projects in Calgary, Alberta. His expertise are designing foundations for civil engineering structures and conducting risk analysis for engineering systems. He has previously worked on research projects funded by CSIR (India), NSERC (Canada) and CCG (Canada).