To make learning a very interesting and entertaining process for children through our activity books for children and educational games and transforming them as creative person with problem solving skills



Miyav Activity Books for Children

We designd and developed fun filled activity books for fostering creative thinking. These books are based on various "Creative FrameWorks" we developed at our teaching clasees with students. Currently we offer two levels of Activity books for children of age 6+ and children of age 10+. To adopt these books into your school curiculam, kindly contact us for our customized offer to your school. 



School Talent Portal

We provide software platform and training for schools to have  exclusive school talent portal  for showcasing your schools students projects. We found that students learn subtly while creating a projects in maths,science and social sciences. We provide various creative frames freely for students to streamline their thinking process. Using them students and teachers can prepare power point presentations using computers with help of Wikipedia, Google,etc. Over the time this portal becomes a multimedia knowledge repository to be shared among students and teacher community and exclusive knowledge property of the school.


you can see the some of the students work/demo at here


Miyav Educational Games

As you know games can be versatile tool for learning since  it motivates the player to win, gives immediate feedback if player did not understood the concepts and by repeatedly playing games many times, allows one to master basic skills. Miyav Educational Games are designed to improve logical thinking, strategic planning,visual & spatial perception, designing and mathematical skills. We have separate educational games for age 6+ and age 10+ students.